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Media & Entertainment

type of project:

Cloud, SaaS, Web

tech stack:

jQuery, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, C-Panel, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML




2 years


4 people (2 Full-stack, 1 iOS, 1 PM)

Info about the client

Ari Driessen Co-Founder & CEO at RSVPify
Chairman at ChangeTower
Chicago, Illinois

Target audience

Сompanies, couples, non-profits, and event professionals around the globe. USA, Canada.

Project challenges

The client came to us with the task of developing a full-fledged commercial application that will be used by real users.  When he came to us he had an MVP application made on WordPress CMS.

The application performed a minimum number of functions, it could only register users and create simple events, in fact it just helped filling out a form online, which was stored in the database. Before coming to us, the customer worked with another team for six months, but they were not able to establish communication and this caused delays in terms of time.

Also the selected CMS for the development of the main application was not the best solution, because WordPress was not enough for the client’s tasks standard functionality and the previous team had to make changes in the basic functionality and strongly change the system, which eventually affected not only the development time and its cost, but also the speed of the system itself, complicating its maintenance and further development.

The client had a huge list of requirements and wishes that he wanted to implement in this project

The client wanted to be able not only to create events and edit them, he needed full control over the creation of events, an ability to analyze the data entered by the user, an ability to create step-by-step online forms for users, an ability to send out invitations, an ability to arrange tables and nameplates for the created events, an ability to generate invitations, an ability to differentiate the functionality of the application for premium subscription users and common subscription users, an integration of the payment system, an ability to sell tickets for events, and an ability to sell tickets for events.

Project team

We worked with this client for over two years. On our side there were two fullstack developers, one iOS developer and a PM. The client acted as a product owner and product manager, collected requirements, came up with features and created tickets on Trello. We prioritized them, agreed on sprints and did the development on Scrum.

Tech stack

As an MVP version was implemented on WordPress CMS, and the client was not satisfied with the speed of the application, and the basic functionality did not cover the capabilities of the system, then further development on this platform was impossible. That’s why we offered to bring the basic functionality into a separate application, which we decided to implement on Laravel Framework, because it was a very popular, modern and fast tool, with a large community, ready-made solutions and libraries, which allowed to create and transfer from scratch the functionality that has already been implemented in MVP, within one month.

We decided not to change the database and used MySQL, as it is quite suitable and solves all necessary tasks of the project. But we had to completely rebuild the data structure and reconfigure the database configuration, as well as add the necessary indexes to increase the speed.

The client did not focus on the development of complex design and focused primarily on solving practical problems, so we suggested using Bootstrap. This is an HTML framework, which allows you to quickly implement a very user-friendly and adaptive interface, thanks to the ready components. And since Bootstrap comes out of the box depending on the jQuery library, we decided to use it as the main framework for implementing the interactive in the application.

When it came time to integrate the payment system, we chose one of the most convenient and popular solutions in the U.S. – Stripe. Thanks to this integration of this system, we made it possible to use the application for a fee and were able to limit the functionality of users with different roles. Later on, our decision to use Stripe in the project allowed us to realize the possibility of selling tickets for user events using one of the internal Stripe Connect products with minimal effort.

Since the data of current customers were stored in the WordPress database, which has its own structure, we wrote a script that converts data from the old database to the new one.

Thus, we have saved all clients and their data, and thanks to a more optimal structure and correct configuration of the database, we have increased the speed nine times.

Our achievements

Thanks to the right tools, effective communication with the client and properly organized work processes, we were able to rewrite all MVP functionality from scratch within one month and release new features and patches every two or three weeks.

During our work the number of registered users in the system has increased from 500 clients to several thousands, while the application has remained stable and the speed has not decreased.

During the application development process, due to constantly changing requirements and new functionality, we had to change the application architecture and database structure 2 times, without affecting customer data.

We turned the client’s ideas into a real working application that solves the tasks of thousands of people.

Some of the features that we designed and organized:

Form design

The user can customize the visualization of their forms, load background, edit text and style

Sale of tickets for the event

The user can create an opportunity to sell tickets to his event. Can specify the price of the ticket, the possibility of refund, the possibility to make discounts on promo codes.

Import and export of the guest list

The user can import and export guest lists to their events. This is a very useful feature when you decide to organize a wedding with more than a hundred persons.

Plan selection

Implemented the ability to restrict the application functionality depending on the selected plan

Invitation of guests

We took into account the wishes of our clients and added the possibility to invite guests to the event in several ways. User can share the link with friends^or insert an invitation to a third-party site, or order a unique design of a paper version of the invitation, which will come to the guest by real mail.

RSVP Timeline Calculator

Based on analysis of the data, we have designed a calculator that can predict the number of real guests who will come to accept the wedding invitation.

The invitations in different languages

Made it possible to translate the invitations into different languages within the system.


The project has good customer feedback at Capterra

The project is actively used daily by tens of thousands of people from the USA and Canada. More than 300 thousand visitors per month visit the site.

Thanks to this project, more than 50 thousand young couples have already celebrated the wedding of their dreams. And all the events that have passed through this application are already more than a million.

Client’s feedback

I liked to work with Lodoss Team which always provided me with a useful and operative feedback. The collaboration was pleasant and I hope to come back in one day

Ari Driessen
Co-Founder & CEO at RSVPify, Chairman at ChangeTower

Chicago, Illinois

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