Legal Forms Platform

A SaaS platform allows its users to easily create customizable legal documents for any purpose.


Corey Bray




LAMP + JavaScript


25 months



Our task was to develop an online platform that allows users to quickly create any legal document on their own and without specific expert knowledge in the field of law.


Our target audience were individuals and legal persons over the age of 18 who live or do business in the United States.


  • Developed a flexible platform architecture;
  • Worked on the structure and configured the database;
  • Created user and admin accounts;
  • Created a tool that allows administrators to upload documents and convert them to web forms suitable for editing online by users;
  • Integrated a payment system;
  • Made a tool to manage service offerings and payment procedures;
  • Created a system of user roles;
  • Integrated customer support service;
  • Created a manageable data warehouse for user documents;
  • Designed and built a responsive layout and much more.


As a result of productive teamwork, we developed and launched a web service to the market which aimed to deliver customizable legal documents. Today, this is no longer a startup but a full-fledged business with services that are used by over 100,000 users, and it continues to grow.

Development stages


We held a series of in-depth interviews with the client where we analyzed competitors, identified their strengths and weaknesses, discussed a persona of the target audience, created technical requirements, divided the development process into stages, and defined a roadmap.

After all project stages were agreed based on the analysis and tech assignments, we worked out the User Story for the main roles and created prototypes for two different interfaces: user and administrator.


We developed an architecture for the future platform, selected tools, and created a database structure.

Tools for import legal documents

Next we created a tool for the administrator and editor which allows them to create legal document templates. The tool includes a text editor and helps to import popular file formats (Word, Pages, OpenOffice).

Forms editor

We then came up with an idea to implement a tool that helps to create questionnaires and divide them into pages. It can verify the entered data, and hide or show additional fields depending on the user’s choice. Users answer simple questions and fill out the forms while the platform inserts these data into a document.

User account

We created a personal user account so individuals can edit personal data, see statuses and history of documents they need to fill out, or control finances. The system also remembers all user actions. If for some reason the user has not completely filled out a form, they can go back and start from the required step any time.

Payment Integration

We integrated a payment system called Stripe, which allows users to securely connect their credit cards as well as make a one-time payment for the service or use a subscription model. The platform saves their payment history, and applies discounts and bonuses.

Advanced search

We made a convenient search through all sections of the platform. Users can enter a word and get search results not only among their documents but also among all categories and sections of the website.