Zooky is a сanadian platform for realtors and real estate seekers. It provides the opportunity to place and search for real estate ads.



type of project:


tech stack:

JS, React, Next.js, REST API, GO, Google API




7 months


2 – Front-end, 1– QA, 1– PM

Info about the client

Chaz Green, Co-Founder and COO, Kazooky Media Inc Port Moody, Canada

Target audience

Legal entities and private individuals over 18 years old who are living in Canada, operating as a real estate agent or wishing to buy real estate.

Project challenges

The client wanted to develop a modern, fast, SEO-friendly application which had to be optimized for search engines, but simple and user-friendly. The old version of the application was just an ordinary information site.

The work of the team was divided into two parts:

The first one was almost from scratch development of a client-side part :

  • home page;
  • property search pages with filtering settings (with object, cost, area, etc.);
  • detailed view of a specific item from the filter.

The second part of the work was a creation of the personal accounts for real estate agents,with a feature of real property lists export and a comfortable work with ads ( creation of new and editing of the existing). Also, the application had to be customized for usage on mobile devices.

Tech stack

For this project we chose React – the library that allows creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

The main advantages of React are high speed, simplicity and scalability.

To work with maps, we have chosen Google API, Google Maps and Street View so the user can find and view the property in a certain geolocation.

To make the web app easily promoted in search engines, we used NextJS. It allows developers to create and add dynamic meta tags, thus the website is perfectly indexed by search engines.

NextJS uses lazy loading. It splits the modules and loads only the necessary code to the page, thus controlling the loading speed and increasing its speed.

Our achievements

For the platform tree ReactJS interfaces have been developed and integrated with three external APIs:

    • for maps;
    • for ads boards;
    • for ads pages.

This separation is made to speed up the processing of large amounts of information in the database.

In order for modal and pop-up windows interaction, it was necessary to make sure that there was a separate query for each of them and they did not overlap each other. There was a ban on scrolling the main page when a pop-up window should be rendered and the site itself understood when to display pop-up, and when to open a full page.

It is important for users to find the property by specific criteria. For this purpose separate full web pages are made. They display photos, videos, complete information about the property and a real estate agent and a map with geolocation.

For better map performance, we did checks and filters to ensure that the coordinates were not duplicated and that the user could see the correct location information.

The auto centering and auto-zoom settings also help calculate more accurate ad coordinates.

It was decided to make queries with a minimum amount of data so that the information would be loaded gradually. The speed of uploading maps and list of ads has increased (uploading when scrolling down)

When registering in a personal account,a real estate agent enters his name and this app finds information in the uploaded database (even if it is a database of several companies), as well as user’s current listings and license.

Realtors were able not only to use ready-made ads, but also to create their own. Upload photos, videos (YouTube integration) and connect social network accounts.

We developed personal accounts for real estate agents taking into account the possibility not only to upload a separate element, but also to export entire lists of real estate or a part of it.

For the comfort of users, we have highlighted the connection with the real estate agent (mobile phone, mail, social networks) and viewing the status of the property itself (sold/is selling /open for viewing/shortly appears).

Filtering, property location labels, status, property type and price have been configured. All this has been implemented in order to make it easy and convenient to search by selected criteria.

Setting up SEO meant that the page is completely builded on the server side and all data must be pulled out of the server, processed and prepared for addressing. To do this, first the coordinates are loaded, then the map and the ad itself.


Now the project is very popular in Canada in real estate. It has become the number 1 Canadian marketplace and actively attracts investors. Approved by CREA (Canadian Realtors Association) and fully meets their requirements.

Investors are actively attracted through the introduction of crypto currencies.

Client’s feedback

They work hard to ensure I’m always up to date with progress and potential issues.

Customers are being onboarded onto the new platform, which was recently approved by industry regulators—a critical business step. This team prioritized transparency, pushing themselves to provide frequent, understandable updates. Their ability to grasp requirements is particularly noteworthy.

Chaz Green,
Co-Founder and COO,
Kazooky Media Inc

Port Moody, Canada

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