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DoubleRo. Online store selling paintings

DoubleRo. Online store selling paintings



Elephant Stock Backoffice is an online store selling paintings by local artists and designers. The platform is integrated with Google and Facebook search, which allows the site to be displayed at the top of the search.

Main task

Our developer joined the main team as an outstaff specialist to refine the existing product and create new functionality. We had the task of making changes to the admin panel and implementing new elements to make the work and the application management easier.

Work process

The development team implemented the following tasks:

  • A tool for working with tree structures inside MongoDB;
  • Category tree management with XState (finite state machine) and tree mapping via D3.js. This method structured information in database and eliminated delays in data processing, i.e. made filtering system more comfortable for users;
  • A tool for designers which can help you create and edit various frames for paintings;
  • A component for dealing with third-party services-aggregators of stock images. Designers are not always able to generate new images, so it became necessary to use third-party services to get certain images on demand. A functionality was created that encapsulated the logic of working with third-party services: at the input, an array of strings was accepted for searching, and at the output, the designer could see the images found on request, from which the necessary ones were selected.

The team also carried out significant work on changes in the application:

  • Components to Display Data. The system grew as well as the amount of data and the ways to manage it. The team replaced the old structure with a dynamic one, and reused the components, reducing the number of lines of code from thousands to hundreds or tens to reduce the load on the system.


The client received new functionality, which simplified the work with complex category trees and increased the speed of designers’ work. New approach for code organization was developed and reusable components accelerated the process of developing the frontend part of the application. The client was satisfied with the results and left positive feedback about working with us.


  • 3 Full-stack developers
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager 
  • Project owner
  • TechLead

Стек технологий


We are satisfied with our joint work - the contractor completed the work in a timely manner, efficiently and conscientiously, and complied with the obligations under the contract. Thanks to our joint work, projects develop and become better for users. We continue cooperation with A2SEVEN and recommend it as a competent and responsible partner in product development.


We are grateful to A2SEVEN for its responsible approach to business. It is worth noting that A2SEVEN is a professional in his field and also fulfills his obligations on time. Thanks to our effective cooperation, we develop our projects and expand our expertise in various industries. During our work with the company, we have built a reliable and conscientious partnership. Our company recommends A2SEVEN as a partner who will help in the implementation and improvement of your projects.


We express our gratitude to A2SEVEN. During our long-term cooperation, the company has proven itself to be a conscientious and competent partner. It is worth noting that A2SEVEN fulfills its obligations in a highly professional manner and on time. Our productive cooperation helps improve and develop our projects.

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