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Platform to create and customize content for ad campaigns

Platform to create and customize content for ad campaigns


Surevision (Eclipse) is an Australian platform, synced with third-party service Broadsign, designed to create and customize content for ad campaigns on various digital billboards around the world (advertising screens in shopping malls, plazas, local stores, etc.).

Main Task

In 2021 we were approached by an Australian company that owns screen billboards in New Zealand and Australia.

The client came to us with a request to create an application for their users so that it would be convenient for them to work directly with their screens to show ads and commercials in shopping malls, stadiums, streets, etc.

Our team had to create a portal add-in for the Broadsign service, with which users could create, publish and edit their own ad campaigns on digital billboards and screens, using any operating system. 


Work process

The design of the future project was developed by the client. We, in turn, began the work with analytics and development planning. The client asked to divide the work into two phases:  

The first phase implemented


  • Portal synchronization with Broadsign service
  • Email notifications using AWS SES
  • Deployment of three environments: Dev, Stage, Prod
  • Filter system


  • Database operations
  • User registration/identification module
  • Block of creating and editing a campaign
  • Creation of schedules for advertising campaigns

The second phase

The second phase involved expanding the role model and working on media functionality.

The following hierarchical roles have been created:

  • Superadministrator (the employee who is responsible for working with the portal);
  • Organizational Administrator 
  • Editor (partner representative who is responsible for editing campaigns);
  • Advertising user (large customers of partners who publish their campaigns);
  • Marketing user (clients of partners who publish their campaigns only with the approval of the administrator or superadministrator)


Thanks to the developed functionality, the work for the client was simplified: 

  • The interface became clearer and more convenient, and users were able to get away from having to work directly with the Broadsign
  • The ability to quickly view media added to an advertising campaign is now available
  • The role model allows an administrator to manage user rights
  • Reduced client’s labor input  (previously, when using broadsign directly, all of these functions could be performed only by the official representative of the company)


  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • DevOps
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager

Mikhail Kochkurov

CIO, BCS Life Insurance LLC

13 reviews

The team works carefully and offers high-caliber service

A2SEVEN has built a robust digital platform that has won numerous awards. Their project management is always top-notch. They are always available and very responsive to any requests or concerns.

Bess Batterham

Digital Project Director at at Brains

6 reviews

A breeze to work with a very professional and talented team!

They are a great team, lead by a fabulous manager, Polina - Their work on this tool was thorough work and we successfully built some amazing functionality - some of which was very tricky! A very successful result which I could be happier with. Would use again.

Devid Tarbay


13 reviews

The project has satisfied

The developer is exceptional and delivers a high level of work within the deadline. A2SEVEN has smooth and friendly communication, using an agile project management method in work execution.

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