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Model Smart. An analytical platform for investing in real estate

Model Smart. An analytical platform for investing in real estate

Brief Description:

Model Smart is an analytical platform for investing in real estate in Canada. The user can calculate rents, mortgages and compare several properties according to different parameters. Using the application requires a paid subscription. 


The client came up with an idea to develop an analytics platform for selecting real estate investments in the Canadian market. The client had a clear vision of what he wanted. Our task included developing a solution that would meet his requirements from scratch.


  • Frontend developer 
  • QA engineer 
  • Project manager

The work process:

The client already realized how the application should work and look like. The client developed a concept design but during the work our experts discovered some weaknesses, improved the UX and simplified the overall interface of the application.


During the development process, we needed not only to visualize real estate on the map but also to be capable of performing interactive search and data visualization. We chose a solution based on the Leafletj library, which allowed us to quickly implement the necessary functionality.

To analyze and compare the different real estates we needed to acquire data from open sources and process these information. To solve this problem we created a data collector, with the help of which it became possible to compare real estate and sift out irrelevant and non-valid information.


All tasks have been completed, the design and functionality of the platform have improved significantly, and recently the project was launched in beta version.

Technology stack


Mikhail Kochkurov

CIO, BCS Life Insurance LLC

13 reviews

The team works carefully and offers high-caliber service

A2SEVEN has built a robust digital platform that has won numerous awards. Their project management is always top-notch. They are always available and very responsive to any requests or concerns.

Bess Batterham

Digital Project Director at at Brains

6 reviews

A breeze to work with a very professional and talented team!

They are a great team, lead by a fabulous manager, Polina - Their work on this tool was thorough work and we successfully built some amazing functionality - some of which was very tricky! A very successful result which I could be happier with. Would use again.

Devid Tarbay


13 reviews

The project has satisfied

The developer is exceptional and delivers a high level of work within the deadline. A2SEVEN has smooth and friendly communication, using an agile project management method in work execution.

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