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The project is an educational portal to create courses, organize the whole cycle of training and communicate with teachers.  The key components of the project are student management, administrator role, messaging and course progress tracking. The application consists of two parts: an administrator panel and a student panel.

Our main task was to rework the code from the previous team, create working functionality and launch the application in production.

Main task

At the start, our team had two parts of the project: the admin side and the student side, with a static front end and a barely started back end from a third-party team. 

We started with analytics, redesigned the structure of the system, and developed a plan to create an MVP that covers the main functions of the system.

  • creating users and courses;
  • a block for student-teacher communication;
  • notification system;
  • exams;
  • and much more

Our main task was to fix bugs in the old code, create new functionality, and launch the application in production.

Work process

To speed up the development process, we worked on two parts of the project in parallel. This was also an optimal solution, since a new application with one interface required much more time and a new design was needed for the creation of which the client did not have either funds or time. 

Admin-side development:

There are several roles on the administrator side, and depending on the role, the interface, features and functionality are different. 

On the admin panel we have developed and established links for:

  • Course creation/editing;
  • Global search by groups and courses;
  • Adding new users;
  • Creating groups and training courses;
  • Provision of access.

A large amount of work was done in creating the notification functionality. There was no design for it, and the requirements specification was not very clear and understandable, so the team had to create it on its own. 

Student-side development:

This part is essential for students. They take courses, communicate with teachers, sign up for exams, and find out their results. Students can also contact the support service and see all the information about the courses in which they are enrolled. All of these features have become a reality, thanks to our team.


As a result of the collaboration, we developed and released the application for learning and communicating between students and teachers:

  • the portal has become more dynamic and functional;
  • the application became clearer and more user-friendly;
  • the design has been improved;
  • the speed of the site was increased;
  • the coverage of users more than doubled;
  • income from the portal has doubled;
  • the app became available for students and educators from Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Technology stack


Mikhail Kochkurov

CIO, BCS Life Insurance LLC

13 reviews

The team works carefully and offers high-caliber service

A2SEVEN has built a robust digital platform that has won numerous awards. Their project management is always top-notch. They are always available and very responsive to any requests or concerns.

Bess Batterham

Digital Project Director at at Brains

6 reviews

A breeze to work with a very professional and talented team!

They are a great team, lead by a fabulous manager, Polina - Their work on this tool was thorough work and we successfully built some amazing functionality - some of which was very tricky! A very successful result which I could be happier with. Would use again.

Devid Tarbay


13 reviews

The project has satisfied

The developer is exceptional and delivers a high level of work within the deadline. A2SEVEN has smooth and friendly communication, using an agile project management method in work execution.

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