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Project Description

The platform collects all data on the condition and location of vehicles through GPS systems so that it can track their performance and fix breakdowns faster. It uses real-time analytics to optimize resources and improve customer service for businesses in construction, transportation, and many other fields.


CalAmp provides solutions to help organizations take control of their assets. They enable transportation and logistics manufacturers, government, industry, and vehicles to comply with regulations using best-in-class SaaS solutions customized for their business.


– Develop the blog along with its visual part;
– Implement reporting and analytics systems for administrators;
– Implement subscriptions and newsletters;
– Create a feature to track the location of vehicles via mobile devices.


In outstaff format the project team we provided: 1 full stack developer, 1 Android developer and a project manager.


We joined the team at a partial readiness stage and quickly took over some of the processes and tasks. After our seamless joining, the team’s work accelerated to get the project to market quickly.

We used the waterfall model to work on the project. Software development under this model allows for a strictly fixed budget and timeline.

How did we move forward?

– We created a blog with the possibility of further content management;
– Implemented collection of analytics by various parameters and filters: time frame, category of vehicles/equipment, number of “hours of use”;
– Developed a function for remote tracking of both current and previous vehicle locations;
– Equipped the tracking function with a vehicle identification number recognition system.


Automation of reporting and analytics and vehicle monitoring increased company productivity by 30% by automating these processes. And application acceleration increased the positive feedback rate by 20%.


Angular, Android, Mandrill

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