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Solutions for agri-entrepreneurs and all those involved in agriculture. We create projects to increase process efficiency and improve productivity.

A2SEVEN is an outsourcing IT agency providing consulting services and custom development of web and mobile applications.

We create high-quality and secure IT products that help businesses work differently and earn more.


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In 2023, digitalisation can be a lifeline for agribusinesses to optimise costs and increase productivity. Solutions and opportunities abound, so the choice is whether to implement boxed products or launch a comprehensive, bespoke development process.

If you need to customise new platforms and integrate them with familiar programmes, you can do so with the help of IT companies with deep expertise in the agricultural sector.

Such as A2SEVEN

How we can help

Implementing searches in large data sets

Creating tools for task and business process management

Automation and personnel or business management systems

Integration with accounting and control systems

Data transfer and integration

According to the latest data, the total number of agricultural holdings has been decreasing over the last 5 years – there are 15% fewer agricultural organisations, but the average farm size has increased by 1.5 times.

Farmers are scaling up, and qualitative growth is impossible without technological improvement of processes.

It is at this junction where IT technologies and agribusiness will merge.

Anton Repjov

Founder of A2SEVEN

The situation in the field

23 units with an average in all areas of 32

Agribusiness digitalisation index

n other areas - 4%, in agribusiness - 2.4%

Minimum share of IT staff in the total number of employees

Continuous digital monitoring of 100,000 indicators

Necessary for the effective development of the agro-industrial complex

Innovations in agricultural production are implemented three times less frequently than in other areas – it’s time to fix that!


half as often as in the rest of the world

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