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Our workflow

Owing to our experience in IT, we help to change the client's business, improve its processes and earn more.

Wide experience in many areas

Entertainment / Events

Making change in the entertainment industry


Effective solutions for media


Unique solutions for financial companies


We collect and analyze the received data

Real Estate

Thanks to our experience, we make complex things understandable


We participate in the development of educational services

Product & Services B2B/B2C

Our expertise for your business


We understand the problems and expand our competencies

Project approach

We form a team dedicated to your tasks, which is fully engaged in the creation and development of your project. The work is divided into stages (sprints), which allows you to guarantee full transparency and manage priorities.

Then we combine the separated data into a single system, implement accounting and analysis, forecast, generate reports, build graphs and dashboards.

Stages of cooperation

To make our cooperation as effective as possible, we want to make you acquainted with the process and conditions of development in our company.

Planning and evaluation

  • In our company outsourcing projects are always conducted under the guidance of a project manager, who is the link between the customer and the development team, responsible for the timing, planning and quality of work.
  • We start the work from the approval of the backlog and its breakdown into milestones (large parts of the functionality).
  • Each milestone is divided into sprints and then we build a development roadmap, which is provided to the customer for transparency of the work process.
  • The duration of each sprint is 2 weeks. Sprints are built in such a way that after two weeks you can see minimally working new functionality under development, new wireframes / screens under design, etc.
Planning and evaluation


  • The project manager is available during working hours.
  • We create a communication channel in the form of a chat in any messenger convenient for the customer.


  • Every  last working day of the week we provide the customer with a report on the work done and a work plan for the next week by email.
  • Every 2 weeks after the sprint is completed, we conduct a demo in a format convenient for the customer – online or send a screen recording. 

Terms of acceptance

  • We provide test access to the application as soon as the minimum functionality for testing is ready.
  • After completing each milestone, we conduct regression testing of the functionality and correct issues, if there are any. After that we send the functionality to the customer for approval.
  • Upon completion of all milestones, we conduct regression testing, and if necessary, load testing of the entire project.
  • Upon completion of the project, our team provides: all necessary accesses; functional scheme of the project; readme for the deployment of the project; a detailed list of technologies used, user-story, test cases.

Technical support

  • Project technical support is one month by default from the acceptance deadline date. You can return to us with adjustments or changes in functionality. We are allocating developers for these purposes as soon as possible.
  • If necessary, we can provide a technical support package individually for the customer’s requirements.

How to choose the format of working with us?

Depending on the project and the inquiry, choose a convenient form of working with us

Fix Price

Product development with minimal functionality for testing the idea, the deadline is up to 1 month.

Time & Material

Projects with flexible development. The development period can take up to 6 months. Payment is made according to labor costs.


Expansion of your team by our specialists. Fixed team cost per month.


Transfer of the team for the duration of work on the project. The team's work is regulated by the management staff. The client pays the contractor for out-staffing services and the company pays the salary to the specialist.


We will take over a part of the client's business processes and functions. Partnership relations between the contractor and the customer company are regulated by the contract. All the duties and responsibilities of the parties are registered there.


Mikhail Kochkurov

CIO, BCS Life Insurance LLC

13 reviews

The team works carefully and offers high-caliber service

A2SEVEN has built a robust digital platform that has won numerous awards. Their project management is always top-notch. They are always available and very responsive to any requests or concerns.

Devid Tarbay


13 reviews

The project has satisfied

The developer is exceptional and delivers a high level of work within the deadline. A2SEVEN has smooth and friendly communication, using an agile project management method in work execution.

Bess Batterham

Digital Project Director at at Brains

6 reviews

A breeze to work with a very professional and talented team!

They are a great team, lead by a fabulous manager, Polina - Their work on this tool was thorough work and we successfully built some amazing functionality - some of which was very tricky! A very successful result which I could be happier with. Would use again.

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