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Tech Consulting

We optimize processes of your business in order to help you achieve your goals. We care about the future of the project.

We provide individual plan for each partner to find the optimal solution. A carefully designed process helps provide advanced counsultation and adaptation of the project.

Our services

Consultation on high-level architecture

We choose a technical solution taking into account the projects features, ease of maintenance, security level and development time.

Optimization of current business processes

We suggest a complex of measures to reduce risks, increase profits and competitiveness of enterprise

DevOps consulting

We help you become faster and safer, increase the overall efficiency and flexibility of your business processes.

Test Process Audit

We'll help you fine-tune your team and product processes, make your testing process transparent and efficient, and get your documentation in order.

Cloud Transformation

We conduct an inventory and audit of the existing IT infrastructure of the company. We come up with a cloud migration plan and a resource optimisation strategy.

Quality control

We help to release software better and faster. We implement new software solutions and help you set up proven quality control processes.


Mikhail Kochkurov

CIO, BCS Life Insurance LLC

13 reviews

The team works carefully and offers high-caliber service

A2SEVEN has built a robust digital platform that has won numerous awards. Their project management is always top-notch. They are always available and very responsive to any requests or concerns.

Bess Batterham

Digital Project Director at at Brains

6 reviews

A breeze to work with a very professional and talented team!

They are a great team, lead by a fabulous manager, Polina - Their work on this tool was thorough work and we successfully built some amazing functionality - some of which was very tricky! A very successful result which I could be happier with. Would use again.

Devid Tarbay


13 reviews

The project has satisfied

The developer is exceptional and delivers a high level of work within the deadline. A2SEVEN has smooth and friendly communication, using an agile project management method in work execution.

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