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Tech Consulting

We eliminate wrong decisions and help you achieve your goals. We care about the future of the project We can develop a plan to achieve the goal, independently find the best solution. We have a well-designed process of consultation and adaptation

Our services

Consultation on high-level architecture

We choose a technical solution taking into account the projects features, ease of maintenance, security level and development time.

DevOps consulting

We help you become faster and safer, increase the overall efficiency and flexibility of your business processes.

Test Process Audit

We'll help you fine-tune your team and product processes, make your testing process transparent and efficient, and get your documentation in order

Cloud Transformation

We conduct an inventory and audit of the existing IT infrastructure of the company. We come up with a cloud migration plan and a resource optimisation strategy

Project development process audit

We will evaluate methodology, processes, tools and technologies used in IT projects in order to improve the quality and efficiency of processes, reduce risks and improve project results

Conducting code-review

Prepare a complete analysis and evaluation of the project codebase to identify problems, provide recommendations for quality improvement, optimization and security enhancements

Team Interviews

Provide a professional and objective assessment of candidates for positions on your IT team. Our approach is based on accurate assessment of candidates, objectivity and careful analysis of their skills and fit with project requirements


We work with analytics and conduct the necessary research before development begins

Our products are focused on results



We are satisfied with our joint work - the contractor completed the work in a timely manner, efficiently and conscientiously, and complied with the obligations under the contract. Thanks to our joint work, projects develop and become better for users. We continue cooperation with A2SEVEN and recommend it as a competent and responsible partner in product development.


We are grateful to A2SEVEN for its responsible approach to business. It is worth noting that A2SEVEN is a professional in his field and also fulfills his obligations on time. Thanks to our effective cooperation, we develop our projects and expand our expertise in various industries. During our work with the company, we have built a reliable and conscientious partnership. Our company recommends A2SEVEN as a partner who will help in the implementation and improvement of your projects.


We express our gratitude to A2SEVEN. During our long-term cooperation, the company has proven itself to be a conscientious and competent partner. It is worth noting that A2SEVEN fulfills its obligations in a highly professional manner and on time. Our productive cooperation helps improve and develop our projects.

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