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Dealing with technical debt

Accumulation of technical debt leads to slower release of new functionality, higher development costs and bugs over the long haul. While the core team will be busy with business tasks, we will help with technical debt elimination
from 4 weeks

from 25.000 $

When needed?

Not enough specialists to support a sprawling codebase

If it takes longer to understand the project than to make improvements

The team does not have specialists with the necessary skills to work with technical debt

The code is outdated and requires revision and improvement

Developers take too much time to finalize the project because of difficulties in adding new functionality to the old code

Hiring and onboarding of specialists for the project is complicated by old technologies. Thus, every year the maintenance of the product becomes many times more expensive

To remain competitive, businesses must constantly evolve and digitalize. But the rapid development of technology and digital solutions can lead to the accumulation of technical debt. Supporting such a project requires more resources, which leads to higher development costs.

Our task as developers is to increase power and performance without radical system changes.

The main goal of code refactoring for business is to increase product efficiency and its readiness for development and scaling with minimal changes in interfaces and preserving the logic of operation.

Why us?

  • We’ve been working for over 14 years to develop and enhance technical expertise. You have at your disposal the experience of the team, confirmed by practice
  • We do not customize your business to fit ready-made schemes or technologies, but tailor it to your goals and objectives
  • We are interested in the success of your business and are committed to long-term relationships.
Practical experience

Product tailored to you

We care about your results

How do we work?

Preserving data and logic

We carefully preserve data and organize its correct migration to new systems, preserving the established rules and architecture of the project


Keeping it modern

Implement current technologies that are compatible with most modern information systems


Achieve transparency

We emphasize simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface so that the user can find the right control or navigation element the first time he or she looks for it


Consolidate processes

Consolidate processes, reduce time spent on mechanical operations and shift the focus of your attention to analytics and strategy development for business promotion and development

You will receive

Full support

You will be accompanied by a permanent project manager during the development process

Support and guarantee

You will receive an up-to-date and optimized product that meets all the requirements of the TOR. After the project delivery we will provide you with the necessary technical support


Documentation will reduce the time for onboarding new developers and facilitate the work of the existing team

All rights

The program product belongs to you. You have the right to modify, supplement, transfer or distribute it without agreement with us

Stages of work


Conduct a kick-off meeting

  • Hold a kick-off meeting with the Technical Director to discuss the project;
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement, which facilitates a quick start.

Conduct preparatory work

  • Conduct preparatory work
    Meet with your team;
  • Adopt a list of problem tasks;
  • Decide what can be fixed in 1 month, assess and prioritize tasks, highlight risks;
  • Coordinating;
  • Set dates for coordination meetings.

Select the most appropriate team for the project


This is usually a team of development and QA engineers led by a project manager



  • The team gets to work;
  • Client is notified of work done on an ongoing basis;
  • In meetings, we coordinate and conduct demos;
  • At the end we do a handover and acceptance of the work.

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