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Keynua is a blockchain service for signing documents with digital signatures. It is the most versatile system on the market with flow calculation, biometrics, proof of life and geopositioning.

Project Description

Keynua allows signing documents: the signer sees a set of letters on the screen and voices them on video.
Anyone from any device can scan the QR code where the document package is available and sign it. The owner of the document package checks the video and marks the package as “authenticated”.


We need to create an Android app that retrieves up-to-date lists of documents, allows you to record video and send it to the server for further verification.


To strengthen the project team we provided: 1 full stack developer, 1 Android developer, 1 tester, 1 project manager.


The main functions of the application are digital signature and identification. Digital signature is implemented in the form of video signature, drawn, one-time password to confirm transactions or device binding, digital signature. Identity verification using video or selfies.

The results of the application exceeded expectations in downloads by 1.5 times. So later the customer came back to us for design updates and API integration.


Keynua app increases conversion rate by 2 times with user experience. And sales of the app’s customers increased by 10% due to the security provided by video signature. Now this project brings the customer $1.8 million dollars a year.

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