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About.Me – service for creating a personal business card for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative enthusiasts, which helps clearly and compactly present all the necessary information about yourself, from professional skills to personal hobbies


The client approached us when the project was at the idea stage, even without any terms of reference. After a series of agreements and negotiations we jointly came up with the initial vision of the project. We helped with defining the main functionality, testing the hypothesis and came up with the optimal variant of the application. Design and development were also our responsibility.

What had to be implemented:

– Create a simple interface for a single-page digital user profile;

– Provide users with the ability to visually customize their pages to personalize their data more effectively;

– Implement the ability to link profiles on other social networks;

– Develop a secure web service with a high level of data protection;

– Make it possible to create a unique domain for a personal page.


– Created a user interface for a personalized user web page that is a cross between your personal web site and a traditional traditional social networks;

– Developed an intuitive step-by-step procedure for creating a profile.


After we finished working on it, AOL Inc. bought it for $18,000,000, and the site now has over 5 million users.


  • 2 Full-stack developers;
  • Project Manager.

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