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Working with big data

BBDaaS is a combination of big data analytics technologies and cloud computing platforms that help companies reduce the cost and time to deploy big data projects. In addition, BBDaaS enables enterprises to manage big data in the cloud and provides easy access to data for all departments at any point in time, the analysts explained


Obtaining qualitatively new knowledge

Becomes possible due to comprehensive analysis of all information in corporate information assets

Expansion of functionality

By extending the functionality of existing business support information systems

Increased efficiency

Realized by using hardware resources of servers

Cost reduction

Ensuring minimum cost of ownership of all types of information while maintaining the required performance due to the possibility of using open source software and cloud storage technologies



Data Collection


In this stage, data is collected from various sources such as databases, sensors and others. It is important to ensure the quality and integrity of the data and to collect all the necessary data for analysis


Data storage and processing


Once the data is collected, it has to be stored and processed. For this purpose, special data management systems are used to store and process large amounts of information efficiently


Data analysis


At this stage, the data is analyzed using various methods and algorithms. This may include statistical analysis, machine learning, text analysis and other methods. The purpose of analyzing data is to identify patterns, trends, and regularities


Interpretation of results


After analyzing the data, the results must be interpreted to provide valuable information and insights. This includes creating reports, graphs, dashboards, and other data visualization tools

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