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Project Description:

TechSee – is an augmented reality system designed for equipment repair and maintenance. With its help, specialists outside the office can visually consult with the operations center and other specialists.


The client came to us with the task of creating a client-server system that would provide visual contact between the field technician and the command center. This required the use of augmented reality as a tool to help field technicians. But at the same time, networking had to be reliable and secure, including on low-bandwidth networks.


We used the OpenTalk framework based on WebRTC technology and created an iOS application with video calling functionality. We implemented a build and deployment system using Jenkins to further automate deployment. Conducted load testing with data visualization using influxdb and grafana, which allowed to estimate the allowable load on the server for further optimization.

Thanks to the developed application the company won AIconics – Best Application of AI in Telecommunications and Tracxn Emerging Startups 2002: Best Customer Service Software.


  • iOS developer;
  • Full-stack developer;
  • Project Manager.

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