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Solution for managing the tasks of an aircraft maintenance company

Solution for managing the tasks of an aircraft maintenance company



APS is a service inside the task-tracking system for task management of employees of one of Australia’s aircraft maintenance companies. The service allows you to create backlogs for specific purposes.

Main tasks

The team needed to create an application that would be able to organize voluminous aviation documents. Depending on the unit on which a person works in production, he needs to obtain information relating specifically to his work object. Since aviation documentation is quite bulky, the company’s managers need to group information by keywords in order to reduce the time employees search for the necessary information.

Work process

First of all, the analyst and the designer had to create a clear and user-friendly interface, which required the development of requirements based on project’s business logic. That is why there were a large number of calls and meetings with the client to coordinate each new element or proposal.

After most of the screens and analytics were developed, the front-end developer got to work. It was necessary to solve the problem of optimizing a large amount of data in the form of tables and tree structures. For this purpose, pagination, filtering and search modules were implemented for all main components. The number of queries to the server, as well as the number of data stored at the front-end were reduced as much as possible. For the client convenience was important when editing data for which we provided and implemented various options such as editing each individual cell, editing individual elements in full-fledged forms.

Filtering in a tree structure

It was difficult to come up with a solution for filtering in a tree structure. Several solutions were put forward to the customer, and in the end, the variant of highlighting the necessary elements and the path to them was chosen. With this implementation, the idea and display of data in the form of a tree is preserved, and it is also convenient to see the previous versions of the filtered element.

Backend development

When all the requirements specifications were ready and agreed with the client, the backend developer joined the development process and implement the following:

  • Creating hierarchical tree structure
  • Parsing excel/CSV files
  • Generating pdf reports
  • Web sockets to display loading process
  • Standard CRUD for interacting with entities
  • Creating a background task queue for large data downloads


Each new element or feature had to undergo a rigorous review by our QA engineer, who was responsible for the quality and monitoring of the functionality.


In addition to the basic functionality, the project has implemented authorization service using JWT-tokens, forgot-password function, two user roles – Administrator and Regular user. A user profile has been developed with the ability to change data about themself and upload an avatar, there is also a list of users where the Administrator can delete and block. Moreover, the Administrator independently registers new users using a simple form with the ability to generate password.


The client purchased the MVP to show to investors for additional resources thanks to which the project will soon be implemented on the territory of aviation enterprises. 

Thanks to this application, the work of employees and the company as a whole will be improved by simplifying work processes.


  • Tech-Lead
  • Designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer
  • PM


We are satisfied with our joint work - the contractor completed the work in a timely manner, efficiently and conscientiously, and complied with the obligations under the contract. Thanks to our joint work, projects develop and become better for users. We continue cooperation with A2SEVEN and recommend it as a competent and responsible partner in product development.


We are grateful to A2SEVEN for its responsible approach to business. It is worth noting that A2SEVEN is a professional in his field and also fulfills his obligations on time. Thanks to our effective cooperation, we develop our projects and expand our expertise in various industries. During our work with the company, we have built a reliable and conscientious partnership. Our company recommends A2SEVEN as a partner who will help in the implementation and improvement of your projects.


We express our gratitude to A2SEVEN. During our long-term cooperation, the company has proven itself to be a conscientious and competent partner. It is worth noting that A2SEVEN fulfills its obligations in a highly professional manner and on time. Our productive cooperation helps improve and develop our projects.

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