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Project Description:

Yamage – is an image editing service. Image editing and photo retouching services specializing in e-commerce and product photography.


The client approached us with a problem of improving an existing site. We held a meeting and found out the aspects that the client would like to improve or add to the system. The complexity of the work was the lack of systematic documentation and imperfections in Front-end and Back-end.

What had to be done:

– finalizing the admin panel (adding new currencies);

– integration of the lightspeed marketplace;

– integration of PayPal payment system to provide multi-currency support for the application;

– improvement of tax payment system, allowing to use the appropriate tax percentage depending on the buyer’s country;

– improvement of the billing form;

– improvement of the registration form for new users.


Within 6 months all the announced work was done, the new version was hosted by Heroku. Also in the process of development the existing platform was analyzed, which revealed many weaknesses and deficiencies, the main areas for improvement were proposed, both from Front-end (UI/UX interface improvement), and from the Back-end (role model improvement, creation of new API, security improvement, additional data encryption).

Revision of the website increased the number of visits by 20% and the number of appeals to the company by 10%.


  • Full-stack developer;
  • Project Manager.

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