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Pre-project analytics is the process of studying and analyzing a proposed project before it begins, in order to determine the project's objectives and requirements, and to develop a strategy for its implementation

What is included in the service?

Defining objectives and requirements

Pre-project analytics helps in identifying the main objectives and requirements of the project. This helps in setting clear expectations and goals, which helps in a more efficient and successful implementation of the project

Preliminary TOR

Identify a list of requirements and opportunities to realize the project. Prepare role descriptions and scenarios (CJM)

Strategy development

Includes defining prototypes, timeframes, budget and other factors that may affect the success of the project

Writing documentation and preparing TORs, selecting tools

Describe the functions and technical parts of the project Select optimal tools, work out the interaction between systems


  • Task-matched technology stack and options of possible hosting providers that maximize satisfaction of requirements
  • Finished page/screen prototypes and system architecture diagram
  • Detailed estimation with approximate project cost and hourly rate by task
  • Clear and understandable terms of reference

Реализованные проекты

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