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QA audit

The process of checking the quality of a software product, performed by an independent team of qualified quality assurance specialists. The purpose of a QA audit is to assess the product's compliance with established standards and procedures, and to identify problems and deficiencies that may affect its quality, safety, and performance.

Note: The cost and timing of the audit depends on the selected services and the specifics of your product

from 2 days


from 1.000 $


What's the result?

A stable software product

A stable software product

Clearly defined product state and performance

Clearly defined product state and performance

Stages of QA audit


Conducting testing

  • Functional testing – we test important functionality of the product and make sure it works properly;
  • UX/UI testing – we’ll explore the user experience and propose improvements;
  • Security testing – check for dangerous vulnerabilities;
  • Integration testing – check integration of the product with external services;
  • Load testing – Test how the site works with large numbers of visitors.

Preparation of reporting documentation

  • Audit report, including recommendations for improvement;
  • If necessary, we can supplement QA audit by a code-review of your product.

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