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UX prototyping

UX prototyping is the process of creating interactive user experience templates for websites, mobile apps or other digital products. It allows you to pre-evaluate and optimize the user interface and functionality of a product before it is actually developed


Improving user experience

UX prototyping provides a preliminary assessment of how user-friendly and intuitive a product will be for end users. This helps to identify and fix potential problems in interface and functionality, which ultimately improves user satisfaction

Cost and risk reduction

Avoids wasting time and resources on creating an incorrect or ineffective product. This approach reduces the risks associated with a failed launch or low popularity of the product

Ease of communication

UX prototyping provides an opportunity to interact with customers and stakeholders in the early stages of product development. This helps to better understand their needs and expectations and enables better communication and alignment of requirements



Research and Analysis


In this phase, the target audience and their needs are studied and competitive products are analyzed. This helps in determining the interface and functionality requirements of the product


Concept Creation


Based on the research conducted, a UX prototype concept is developed. This concept defines the main functions, structure and interaction of the interface elements


Designing the prototype


An interactive prototype is created that demonstrates the functionality and interaction of interface elements. The prototype can be created using specialized tools and software


Testing and optimization


The created prototype is tested with the participation of real users. Based on the results, the prototype is modified and optimized to improve user experience

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